Monday, 9 July 2012

Food Adventures :)

I've had a very odd combination of foods in the past few days. It was a direct result of being pretty pushed for time when organising weddings and stuff, and also a sheer exploration into the tolerances of my un-galled self. Here are some of the foods I had:

That, my friends is a Jumbo Cod. From Armstrong's - home of the Jumbo Cod, no less. It was mahoosive. And it was delicious. And it fed the whole family.

These are lobsters 1 and 2 which were simply boiled in salted water. They were also delicious. Messy, but delicious.

Here is a photo of the successful cakepops. The unsuccessful cakepops never lingered around long enough to be photographed. Mostly, they were eaten by my sister and my brother's groomsman, Ian, almost immediately after failing to be a cakepop.

These are lobsters 3 and 4. They were baked in the oven topped with cheese and were also delicious.

And this is a new discovery - a big box of pink tic tacs. I bought a smaller box and had to eat about 20 one afternoon because we accidently skipped lunch. These are only mediocre delicious.

So there you go - food! I'm soooooo excited about being able to eat again. Still excited about being able to eat again. I don't think this will wear off. Nope. I'm just going to be fat from now on. Hahahaha. Hoorah for food! :)

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