Thursday, 19 July 2012

Free Ranging Signs :)

I seem to have collected a selection of photographs that show a variety of signs that I really really like. I just wanted to collate them in such a way that you could all appreciate them, and help me look out for more.

First up, two signs from Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Farmhouse: A while ago, I went on an adventure with my lovely friend Morgan to this farm where we saw some great signs:

I actually stopped traffic to take a photo of this.

Of course, this sign is there in case you don't see children swinging from the wooden beams.

It seemed marvellous that although the farm didn't have to prioritise children at all, it was going to make full sure that everyone was aware that they could potentially be poking around somewhere.

Next up, Wyke Community and Children's Centre: My friend Andy works here, and he showed me around a couple of months back. He, along with a lot of other child-led play areas, has a sign in his playground that makes me very happy too. You can buy one to adorn your playful site!

There are at least two of these signs at Andy's work. They're definitely there to remind adults what the space is there for, because the children already know what to do with it.

Next, a farm near Scout Moor: Having been over-hill, under-hill and around in circles, my parents and I wanted to buy some free range eggs for our tea, so I went to visit some local farms to see if the chickens had any goods for us. Very happily, we found another awesome sign!

I like that it's MAKING YOU AWARE and ever so serious. And then, almost politely apologising for being so angry.

I've spotted another couple of really good signs recently that aren't necessarily to do with play or anything, but have made me giggle lots. You may remember this warning sign from a couple of days ago:

The owner of the antique place looked at me oddly as I chuckled away to myself whilst taking this photo.

Whilst looking for someone to sell us some eggs yesterday, I was warned about other things too:

The hamster in my house does nothing for my protection, but this farm had SO MANY chickens, they really could have been the security system! I think that Andy will be suitably impressed by this sign :)

I'm totally going to keep my eye out for more signs from now on, play-related or just a bit silly. If anyone has any awesome signs in the same genre, please forward them my way! :) Hoorah! :)

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