Friday, 20 July 2012

Freebie Friday - food, cosmetics and washing stuff

I've missed 2 weeks of freebie fridays so this week there seems to be so much more than usual. And they're substantial freebies too! Look!

What we have here is:
A packet of crisps
A full size tub of Birds custard powder
2 washing powder sheets (a new way to wash apparently)
A 5-pack of cake bars (a 5-pack!)
A packet of granola mix
3 thingies of youth encouragement cream
and 3 thingies of BB cream (tiny bit over-exposed there, my apologies)

I'm SO chuffed that everything there was free! It makes me feel so chuffed to walk into a supermarket and need to pay nothing. There's a vague sense of awesome there.

On the subject of walking, I was wandering around Manchester city centre with my parents today and got myself some free potatoes!

They were delicious, cooked with peppers, tomatoes and a little chorizo! Nom nom nom! I also got the free recipe guide too! :)

I'm optimistic about what the next week will bring for me and my freebie stash. I might have to start giving stuff away soon though - I'm running out of space to store it! Or I could just invite a friend around to drink tea and eat chocolate. Can't be a bad idea :) Hoorah for freebies! :)

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