Friday, 27 July 2012

Freebie Friday - foods, drinks and creams

Hello hello! It's freebie time again and I was right last week for being excited about the potential freebie-ness in the oncoming weeks because this week I got LOTS of free stuff! Yay! :) Here's the pic:

This week's hoard has:
1 mini tube of face cream
3 sachets of BB Cream, (which is exactly like last week's but I'm not complaining)
2 sachets of another type of cream
3 sachets of other creams
a 4-pack of Squares which I got in the same way as the other 4-pack of squares I had one time
an oaty breakfast bar
3 teabags in a packet (haven't had any free tea for a while, was beginning to miss it!)
and a full sized carton of almond milk
In summary, that's 8 types of free stuff, and a total of 18 items, all purchase free! :)

I also got a slice of walnut bread and a little cube of cheese at my newly decorated tesco :)

This has been a spectacular week for free stuff. I'm very impressed and amused that it came all at once. I think there will be gift packages arriving on doorsteps soon, filled to the brim with freebies! :) I'm pretty chuffed to be honest :)

In vaguely related news, I opened a Freebie Fridays page on my blog, which showcases all of the main freebies I have obtained. It's an impressive collection, go see for yourself! :)

Hoorah for freebies! :)

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