Sunday, 1 July 2012

Getting Organised!

Going away means there's lots to prepare for, and now that I've finally got a minute to myself, I thought I'd start with a list. To the final few songs of last headline set of The Stone Roses, I made a list, and then the list became a pile of stuff, and well, things may have gotten out of hand...

So much stuff! And a couple of clues about the wedding!

My Godfather is coming tomorrow - he almost missed his flight actually, because he got the date wrong, but he's on a plane now and definitely coming. He almost may have missed the wedding! Hahaha. I should add to my list "pick up Godfather". No doubt there will be more antiquing in the days to come. It's what the Godfather does every time he comes to the UK.

All concentration devoted to getting organised was, of course, completely interrupted by Stone Roses related fireworks which I could see from my bedroom window!

This was the photo of the night, from yesterday's display.

This was from tonight's display.

I'm alright if there are more concerts in Heaton Park, even if they are a bit noisey. As long as I get a free firework's display to watch every time, I'm happy! :)

Anyway, hoorah for fireworks, for organisation, and for up-and-coming things to do!

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