Monday, 2 July 2012

The Godfather

I've vaguely talked about my Godfather before. He does pottery for a living. I think he prefers to call it ceramics maker rather than a potter. He's a bit odd, and likes antiques a lot, and I always look forward to him coming to visit, eventhough he has a habit of delivering some nasty truths when he's here. And this time when he arrives, this happens:

That's by Godfather, on the left. 
For the first photo, they tried to be really serious. 

It didn't last very long.

These outfits are genuinely hilarious! I think they look so funny! I think it's the colours and the cut to be honest, but if I found one in a colour that I liked, I'd buy it and wear it at home. I would, under no circumstances, go anywhere in public with any of these three people dressed like that. Hahahahaa...

It was a good giggle at the end of a very trying day. It's a blessing to see the funny side of everything!

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