Saturday, 28 July 2012

Let the Games Begin! :)

Yesterday, I proudly watched on as 50,000 people crowded into the Olympic Stadium in London and welcomed the Olympics to the UK. I couldn't help but well with pride knowing that I'm party of this wonderful country. The part where they lit the Olympic cauldron was arguably the best part of the whole ceremony, but noone can forget Mr Bean's appearance. It was a truly amazing experience, even on TV, so I expect all the people who were in the stadium were swept off their feet!

Anyway, here is my effort to support team GB in the Olympics:

Just a little collage :)

Let's see how well we do this time :) Hoorah for Team GB, hoorah for Great Britain, and hoorah for my country! :)

Oh, and here is the Olympic cauldron in case you missed it :)

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