Sunday, 8 July 2012

Old but Happy :)

I'm on my 3rd day of antiquing with my Godfather now, and this time my Dad decided to come along and have a poke around. Here's what we got up to:

I found these suitcases in the Old Mill Antique's Warehouse last time my Godfather was here, but this time there were SO many more! Suitcases up to the ceiling!

This is sooo cool! Monkey bars for little people, or a little risky challenge overhead if they should dare! Bit of playful history here! :)

More playful history! My dad on a super old rocking horse!

This is an item of furniture which is actually a Transformer! It's a table one second, then a bench the next, and then a toy box straight after. I think it's awesome!

At Pendle Antiques Centre, my Dad found a small Penny Farthing. It's SO cool.

I think that sign is really funny. And I particularly like it's placement.

This is a super cold stamp draw which was used back in the day when they were printing stuff by hand and arranging different stamps into the machines to help them do stuff - I OWN THIS NOW! It's SO cool! It's gonna look awesome on my wall when I clean it up! :)

This is a wonderful photo of a load of lamps looking like they're clinging on for dear life on a little trolley. There's so much personality in these little lamps - I think personified by Pixar, but still! It's made a really fun photo!

It's been a bit rainy and a bit cold, but that's okay. We've had a fun day! No doubt we'll be going to more antique centres but none for me tomorrow! My Dad's turn to escort my Godfather about! Hahaa. Hoorah for old stuff! :)

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