Friday, 13 July 2012

See You Later Uncle :)

To my friends he was the eccentric old man who everyone called Uncle. To me, he was my strange but almost childlike relative that walked to Bury and back about three times a day. He was the guy that bought excessive amount of fruit and never ate any. He was the guy that sang crazy Chinese songs that made no sense but always seemed like happy songs. He was and still is my Uncle.
Everyone calls my Uncle, “Uncle”, even if they aren't related to us. He just responds better to that word, in Chinese and English, and there's something really endearing about it. He's a cheerful man who is often seen locally waving his (visibility) cane in the air and singing to himself as he walks to and from our local town, Bury. If you're lucky (or very unlucky, depending on how you feel that day) he will stop and have a chat with you and will tell you about one of the ten stories you've already heard a thousand times over. Still told with the same enthusiasm and hand gestures, even after so many years of repeating to so many people.
He lives a simple life, getting up every morning and opening every single set of curtains in the house (even if there are still people sleeping in that room) before going to watch some television. Then he might take a walk or get the bus to Bury or the cemetery to visit his mum's grave and then happily trundle home and have a nap. He might walk to Bury again or do some crosswords out of the bumper book until it's time for tea where he will wolf down a monstrously large meal, watch his favourite show and then bathe. He'll be ready to go to sleep around 9pm and start the day again. Such a simple life. Sometimes he will busy himself by putting the clothes on the rotary washing line outside, and maybe empty every single bin in the house, but that will be the most activity he will be involved in all day. 
~ Extract from Zan's Word Adventure, Nanowrimo 2008 

Your life in this world was definitely very exciting, full of adventure, and was never ever boring. You kept me on my toes, Uncle, and taught me to be patient and kind to everyone, and to always expect the unexpected. It's the first time in 35 years that you've not been in pain, and I'm smiling through tears now knowing that you're in a better place. You were a wonderful Uncle and I know that you're happy in heaven now, smiling down on us - I'll see you up there :)

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