Sunday, 22 July 2012


Recently, I've been thinking about unspoken thoughts. The things that sometimes we would rather not say out loud, but would be alright with typing, or texting, or even just going through the motions of, but not speak. Then it's like a whisper, something that's not solid or properly formed, but there is a suggestion of it existing. Sometimes I also don't want to say stuff aloud in case I scare it away, or in case the opposite should happen.

Today, well, this is today:

*I love the sun, I wish it was here more often*
*I like snow and Christmas so much I'd have it all year round*
*I think that summer has finally come*

Hidden within the thoughts of this photo are also the whispers:
*I want so badly to go on an adventure*
*I like that I am who I am*

I don't know why I don't want to say these things out loud right now. Maybe it's a bad time? Maybe I'm not ready? Maybe I just don't want to. Whatever the reason, those are my thoughts right now. And here is my face, and tea :)


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