Saturday, 14 July 2012

Wrexham Revisited: An Adventure Playground Adventure

Today, my friend Andy and I had the honour of meeting David Ramsey and family for a day of fun at the adventure playgrounds in Wrexham. David's come over from Boston to learn about adventure playgrounds, and has been chronicling them on his very own blog. A lot of you remember me visiting Wrexham earlier on this year with my friend Maayan but I didn't take many photos last time. This time, I took lots!

1. Plas Madoc - "The Land"
Since my last visit, The Land feels like it's been properly broken into, and well used. It has a feel of a well played space, where children have clearly had full control of all the space. I really love the feel and the freedom at Plas Madoc, and I wish I could spend more time there talking to Claire, who runs the place. She's done a fantastical job and it seems to get better with every visit :)

So many new structures have been built since I last came to visit!

There's now a slip-and-slide from the roof of the cabin.

New-old furniture has arrived, looking over the river.

Here's Andy, looking philosophical.

Look at all the bridges. Apparently these are more used than the actual bridge that was built.

David's son got stuck in, hammering nails into a newly constructed den.

Look at this three storey den!

And bless this little man - his attempts at starting a fire were completely foiled by the wind!

2. The Venture
We had the lovely Jay show us around the Venture today. It had changed quite a bit since last visited, with their "Spanish Galleon" much more ship shape, and their natural area being far less overgrown, and far more played in. They even have a vegetable patch and are preparing for chickens! I will have to visit again when they get those!

This is the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA).

This is a castle. It has winding staircases and everything!

David's son doing a bit of balancing.

A sweet hang out spot next to the currently unused firepit.

Bit of swinging action.

A huge swing in action.

Admiration for the vegetable patch

Circular windows in the indoor area.

Me, moments before I climbed to the top of the Spanish Galleon.

And here's the top of the ship! Awesome! :)

3. Gwenfro - "The Valley"
With the help of Garry, we were able to reach our final destination: The Valley. I like the Valley a lot - it's a mixture of the freedom of Plas Madoc with a little structure from The Venture. There's a nice atmosphere here, and there were lots of children when we arrived. Check out the huge swing they made! 
I like this hut, it's very colourful.

This swing arrangement is perfect - group swinging!

My feet and big tyre steps!

David's wife, going down a zip wire for the first time!

A tyre tractor. Made from tractor tyres!

This arrangement here looks like the one from the Venture!

A series of mini dens!

Activity boxes! I like how children are like popping out of them

Look at the crazy swing action! Whoosh!

Just hanging out on the plank.

It's been a rough couple of weeks and it was really very exciting and soothing for my soul to be out and about for a change. I really enjoyed being in the company of children, and enthusiastic play people. It was wonderful to meet David and his family, and also great to hang out with Andy, who was super awesome at keeping an eye on me all day. Wrexham is wonderful, and I hope that David and family have enjoyed their visit. I also hope that I've inspired Andy to start blogging! I know that I had a fantabulous time, and I hope that I have shared a few photos of moments that I particularly enjoyed! :)

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