Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Chex Mix

Chex Mix is a delicious snack. I think I'd have to describe it as moreish. And a really good substitute for the likes of popcorn. I'm pretty much addicted to it. It's SO good!

I have talked to a few people in the UK about Chex Mix but I've never been able to explain it properly because, weirdly, the UK hasn't got any Chex cereal! I even bought the special seasoned salt and took it home in the hope that they had some cereal like Chex in the UK so I could make this delicious snack! Here is a photo of a homemade batch:

The ingredients for Chex Mix are 3 types of Chex cereal, peanuts, seasoned salt and butter. Sometimes people put pretzels in. Personally, I don't see the point in the peanuts, but you know - they must add flavour! :)

There was a big rain storm today. I got SO wet, it was very funny. Good job I had the Chex Mix to keep me happy as I got dry! :) More food to come! :)


  1. Zan, these look a bit like Shreddies (breakfast cereal). Are they similar to that? Because we have those at home...

    1. Hmmm... this was my thought also.

      I did some digging and found that the Shreddies wikipedia page concludes with "See also: Chex" and vice versa on the Chex page.

      The Chex wikipedia entry also included the bizarre sentence, "Chex can also be used to make a chocolate snack called Chex Muddy Buddies, also known as Puppy Chow."

      Regardless, I'm glad you're having a good time Zan. Perhaps there is more to do in America than looking up (probably inaccurate) wikipedia entries for breakfast cereals?


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