Monday, 20 August 2012


I have met some pretty cool creatures over the last few days. Here are three:

This is a llama. I've always wanted to meet a llama. It didn't spit at me. :)

This is an awesome photo of a grasshopper. Why was I able to get such a detailed photo of it? Because it was HUGE.

And this my friends, is an emu. This bird is creepy, and to me feels like what I imagine a pterodactyl would have been like. Really cool, but really creepy.

I never thought how animals are different in the US as well as most other things, so I've been super curious about everything. I'm totally looking forward to taking a photo of a chipmunk! I've only seen them whizz past me, and they are tiny! I didn't realise! Anyway, onwards! :)

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  1. Nice - that Emu's eye is freaky. I can't wait to explore more of the US with you!


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