Friday, 24 August 2012

Freebie Fridays - Giveaway Winner 2

Last week, I posted up Shazia's photo of her freebie goods that she got through the post from my Giveaway Day. This week, I'm posting up Wai's photos! Oh yes, she took me through the process of discovery:

Here it is! I remember sticking the package together like that!

And here is the package! She got:
2 sheets of detergent washes
2 little tubes of moisturiser
3 little thingies of cream
and a tiny bottle of whiskey!

Hoorah for Wai! She seemed super excited when she got her package. It's always nice when something comes through the door that's unexpected and fun! :) Yayayay! :)

Incidently, while I'm in the US, I've really quite missed having a front door where the post comes in. Everyone has mail boxes here, which aren't quite as fun to be honest with you. But they fit more stuff in. So I suppose there's a compromise there. Also, a side whisper, I've still not managed to get any freebies yet over here :( It takes time.

Hoorah for Wai and hoorah for free stuff! :)

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