Tuesday, 7 August 2012

New Suitcase, New Adventure :)

I bought a new suitcase! I was excited about it yesterday, and I'd completely forgotten about it until I was half way through lunch today. And then got excited all over again! And yes, I took a picture! :)

The suitcase I have my arm on is my new one. In the brightness of day, it kinds looks like it's brown. I think it's supposed to be a charcoal grey? Compared to my mini suitcase it definitely isn't black. But that's okay. It has tiny bits of turquoise in the detail. I really love it!

So why have I got a new suitcase? Well, I'm going away again! On Sunday, I will be flying to the US for almost three months to help out with Pop-Up Adventure Play. I'm not sure what the plan is yet, but I'll work it out. I have places to stay and people to meet, and I'm very excited because I can get my teeth back into play again. I can't wait.

Right now I have lots of things to do. Settle Mum and Dad down to a new routine, pack stuff I might need for both Summer and Winter, and also make sure everything I leave behind is accounted for and everybody still feels loved. :) It's all going to be awesome, and it's all gonna be documented on the blog so watch this space! Wooooo! :) Hoorah for new suitcases, and hoorah for new adventures!! :)

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