Thursday, 9 August 2012

PM Time!

I met some of my college friends for food just before I go off to the US. It was a lovely day today so we wandered around for a bit, and enjoyed the rare sunshine that appeared in Manchester.

And as usual, on a PM trip of any sort, there was some form of very ridiculous foodstuff:

This is the "Teatime Treat" - dessert as big as my face! Oh my life! Ingredients of this dessert: jaffa cakes, a wagon wheel, a teacake (that you can see), chocolate fingers, chocolate brownies, icecream and butterscotch sauce and cream.

I promise I didn't eat it all myself - I had help, but even then we didn't quite finish it. The waitress pessimistically brought 4 spoons over, but we were like NO. We'll eat it between two of us. We almost did. Haha. Now I feel fat. But I am happy. :)

I had a lovely evening with the PMs, like there's any other type of evening with the PMs. Love them all. Hoorah for my PMs! :)

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