Saturday, 25 August 2012

Rhythm and Drum Fest!

Last year, I did a load of work with Rhythm Connect with Pop-Up Adventure Play. This year I came back to help Ed with a booth at the Fairport Music and Food Festival. It was really good fun, but really really hot - I'm pretty sure I've got some colour on me now. Here are some highlights of my day at the festival:

Everything's set up! It's so exciting!

Zan and drum!

Ed and drum!

Look, a stage! Lots of awesome live music!

That man had a fun ensemble of stuff stuck together to make music!

Little kiddies bungee jumping! Upside-down!

The little girl in the pink hat - it was sooo low down I couldn't see her eyes!

The FMFF bracelet that allows us in for free!

A slightly weird but very smiley mascot.

Tow your children round in this trolley thing - I've always been fascinated with these. Never seen them in the UK!

Drumming through the jungle with Ed of Rhythm Connect! Hoorah! :)

There was sooo much going on at the festival. Four stages of music and plenty of food options including pizza, seafood, tacos, frozen ice, burgers and popcorn! Everyone was really friendly and seemed to be having lots of fun! There was a wonderful community vibe, and I was really excited to be part of it. I also had loads of fun working with Ed again, and representing Rhythm Connect! :) 

Congratulations to all those who took part at the FMFF for an amazing day and yay for Rhythm Connect! :)

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