Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I've signed up to the Sketchbook Project. It's a very cool project which involves me drawing, or writing, or painting, or doodling in a little book! Basically, when I've filled this little book, I send it back to the art gallery where it will then be put into a library, and people will see it, and then the little book will be taken on tour around the States! I think it's SO cool. It's also very scary too. MANY people will see what comes out of my little brain. HA! I was very nervous about taking that first step and making a mark in my book. But then I decided to compromise with myself:

I decided to draw on the outside first :)

This is a very exciting project for me. I think I wanted to do it to encourage myself to be more creative. And I kinda wanted myself to take it a little more seriously. We're gonna have to see where this takes me :) I'm SO excited :) Hoorah for new creative adventures! :)

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