Thursday, 30 August 2012

Zan Goes Exploring: Niagara, NY and Niagara, Ontario

A few years ago, I went to visit Niagara Falls. It was really really exciting, and really really good, but alas I was only on the American side. This time, I went to both sides of the Falls and it was even better. Here are some of my photo highlights :)

American Side: Zan at the Falls! Woooo!

Look at the rainbows! And there's Canada!

That was the mist from the Horseshoe Falls! Those Falls were huge!

Canadian Side: More rainbows!

Look how pretty it is! And there is the Maid of the Mist!

Ooh, my best shot of the Horseshoe Falls :)

Yay, a whole rainbow! The light and the mist was perfect for it! :)

I had a lovely time in Niagara in the US and in Canada. It makes me giggle that both countries have a city named Niagara Falls, but if I had something as spectacular looking as those waterfalls, I'd totally fight for it! Haha :) The Falls were amazing, and I'm totally going back again. There is no doubt at all. Something as awe inspiring as the Niagara Falls deserves much admiration. I'm fallen for the Falls. Hahaha.

Hoorah for rainbows, adventures and yay for Niagara Falls.

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