Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Happy Z Loaf :)

I baked my first loaf using US ingredients it worked out really really well! Hoorah! :)

Look at it! So awesome! The crust was crunchy, the inside was soft and moist, and it smelled SO delicious! SO GOOD!

Baking here has been a bit of trial and error. I guess it's different when it's not your own kitchen, and not your own tools, and also not as easy when the ingredients are named differently. Or just different full stop. The biggest problem I've had is with butter - "European" butter is just so much better than the US "sweet cream" butter. But it's not as cheap. I really didn't realise. You can get a block of Stork in the UK for like 70p. For the same type of butter in the US, it's $3.99 or for the sweet cream version, it's like $1.99. 

Anyway - it's a fun adventure trying to work out the world of US baking, but I'm super happy happy. Hoorah! :) My bread worked! Woooooo! :) Hoorah for baking! :)

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