Sunday, 9 September 2012

Chilling at the Clothesline

Today, I went to the Clothesline Art Festival in Rochester. It's like a huge arts and craft fair with a bajillion little stalls, full to the brim with ideas and talent. There was soooo much to see and touch that I didn't have time to take photos! Here are the few that I got in:

Here's the program - there was SO many different artists and makers here. And the $5 entrance fee got us free music and free entrance to the art gallery!

Loook! An Etsy store!

Robot flag! For the dude that made robots out of ordinary things!

I really liked this sign. It's the name of the business too! And 

Oh, and look at this giant pumpkin! It's made entirely out of glass!!

And here's me. Bewildered and excited about the fun day of creative inspiration! :)

I had soooo much fun zipping around from here to there, talking to nice people and enjoying the warmness and coolness of fall. It was good to be outside and be inspired all at the same time! :)

It's occasions like this that make me want to become a crafter as a fully time job. It would just be SO cool to sell my own stuff. But then knowing me, I'd feel bad about letting my beloved hand-crafted objects leave my possession, and then, well, no business can be made. Sigh. Ah well, I feel inspired to do more of my Sketchbook after now, so it's not all gone to waste. I also have free stuff to blog about next week so it's been productive overall! :) Hoorah for crafty days, and hoorah for creative people! :)

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