Friday, 21 September 2012

Freebie Fridays - a fun variety!

I'm amused at this week's freebie selection because it's so varied! I also don't remember where/how I got one of my freebies, they just arrived in an envelope with no explanation! Haha. Here's the pic:

Here's the breakdown:
a guide to cheese types
a customised greeting card
2 dishwasher tablets
2 sachets of instant coffee-based drinks
and a mysterious pair of earrings!

So yeah, no idea how I got a free pair of earrings, but I'm not complaining. When it arrived in the post I just giggled lots! Haha! Also this week, I got something else free:

Free Queso! Which is cheese in Spanish! Wooo!

I'm very pleased with my freebies this week.Check out the Freebie Fridays page for everything I've had! Roll on next week for more and more and more! :) Hoorah! :)

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