Friday, 28 September 2012

Freebie Fridays - perfume, hair stuff, foundation and drugs!

I laughed at the post this morning when I got 7 free samples in it. All that were very similar. I knew that it would make today's Freebie Fridays post a lot more interesting though! Haha. Brace yourself for the pic:

Alrighty, this week we have:
7 samples of different fragrances of perfume, all from the same company! Woohoo!
2 sachets of hair care product (a shampoo and a conditioner of course!)
2 swatches of foundation, which I thought was pretty stingy compared to the UK equivalent samples I got.
and 2 heatburn pills. Yes, in the US, you can get free pill samples.

This week's freebies would have looked boring had I not got all those perfume samples this morning. That's why my Friday blogpost is always in the afternoon, so I can wait for the post to arrive. Of course, then I start worrying all over again whether I'll have enough freebies for next week's post....! Hahaha. Stay tuned I guess! Hoorah for Freebie Fridays!

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