Friday, 14 September 2012

Freebie Fridays - stationary, detergent, hair product and condiments

I'm super excited because I got SO many freebies this week! It was completely helped by going to the Clothesline Art Festival last week where I made off with an entire bag of goodies, but I also acquired stuff by post too, which is double awesome! Here's the first decent US freebie photo! Wooohoo! :)

From the festival, I got:
 a red frisbee
a fun postcard
a cartoon temporary tattoo
a blue lanyard
3 pencils, 2 of which are heat sensitive and change colour when you touch them
and a blue pen
In the post, I got:
a sachet of detergent
shampoo and conditioner sachets
a tiny pile of postit notes
and 2 sachets of mayonnaise-look-a-like

Oh wait, curses! The shampoo and conditioner were from last week! BOOO! Well, I'm just going to take that photo off from last week's post and pretend it was from this week. Shhhh!

In total, (including the hair stuff) that is 13 free items :) This is very very exciting! I get to add the photo to my Freebie Friday page! I hope this is the beginning of many many free things from the States! Wooooo! :)

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