Monday, 3 September 2012

Pencil Crayon Bats

I've been working hard on my Sketchbook Project. There has, so far, been cutting and sticking and drawing and sketching and colouring and writing. It's been really exciting having a creative outlet, so the motivation for this project is still in that initial warm and smiley, slightly fuzzy, slightly nervous, "dating" phase. We're going to have to see how this relationship develops!

I brought some colouring pencils with me that made from black coloured wood. I sharpened them for the first time today to spruce up my Sketchbook and I loved the shapes of the pencil sharpenings. Offcuts of stuff seem to catch my eye quite frequently! :)

When I fill up the sketchbook, I have to send it back to Brooklyn by 7th January 2013. I'm wondering if I'll get it all finished while I'm here in the States! The postage will be cheaper, if that's incentive at all! :) We'll have to see!

Hoorah for projects, and hoorah for creative times! :)

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