Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Many Characters of Pumpkin Adoption

I went to a farm today to adopt my first ever pumpkin. When I mean adopt, I just mean buy from a pumpkin farm, but you know, adopt sounds more personal. Especially because I was planning on naming it and giving it a personality. I was so excited about having a huge variety of  pumpkins in one place for me to select, but I really wasn't expecting to find...

Giant bees in purple flowers

Multi-coloured chickens. That's right, you heard me.

Little deer.

A silly chubby sheep.

A very white llama.

A sad looking donkey.

Huge teepees!

And some free range weird-looking birds!

I was sooooo excited about all of the fun animals on the farm that I almost forgot about the pumpkin adoption that I was there for! So I got serious, put my camera away, and started wandering through the pumpkin world.

Okay one more photo.

After lots of consideration, umming and ahhing, and the picking up and putting down of pumpkins, I finally selected the pumpkin which I would be making it's new home with me.

Everyone, meet Phil. Isn't he awesome? :)

I can't wait until I decorate Phil. Give him some eyes and a fun smile. For now, he's just sitting on the counter, being orange and awesome. Hoorah for Phil!

And I know everyone out there is dying for another photo of the most curious creature I saw today, so here's another shot of them:


I had SO much fun today! When I took Patrick home last year, it wasn't nearly as fun. Woooo! Hoorah for pumpkins, hoorah for phil and hoorah for multi-coloured chickens!

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