Wednesday, 12 September 2012

This Is Marc Armitage

As you all know, I work with Pop-Up Adventure Play. It's a very awesome organisation that works to bring extraordinary play moments into everyday play. I'm honoured and stoked that I work with such wonderful people! We're currently based in the US and the UK so it was really super exciting when Marc Armitage approached us to help him set up his first US tour!

Marc Armitage is an independent consultant, researcher and writer in children’s play and the wider social world of children and young people (0-19 years). He began his professional career as a playworker in the early 1980s with Hull Community Playschemes Association and since then has worked as a field playworker, an adventure playground worker, a double decker playbus worker, and a local authority play development officer. - taken from Marc's Website

Marc has done many tours now, the most recent one - The Australialand Tour - was so successful that Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning are already arranging his next Australia Tour! But not before Pop-Up Adventure Play gets to have a go! We are proud to announce Marc Armitage's "Keep Calm and Play On" tour! Hoorah!

Do you like it? Took me ages! :)

Pop-Up Adventure Play are bringing the wonderfully knowledgeable and the very well respected Marc Armitage to the US East Coast! Oh yes! Marc will be appearing in 4 main cities and will be available to travel during the 3 weeks he is in the US. He will be talking about the importance of play, and discussing play in the classroom. It's going to be awesome! You know what's awesome too? I get to help out with the whole process! I've never done anything like this before but I'm very very super super excited! :) And also very very super super nervous!

This is Marc Armitage. He's pretty awesome.

I'm super excited to share that Marc will be in Washington DC, Philadelphia PA, New York NY and Boston MA from 11th March to 31st March 2013. It's soooo exciting! 

I hope to be taking bookings for him soon. People will be able to invite him to come to their site to deliver interactive workshops for a small fee. The costs of that fee can be covered by selling tickets for a recommended price and if promotions are done properly, each site will be able to earn themselves a small profit too! Oh - and the host person will be able to attend the workshop for free! I think it's a win-win situation for everyone! 

So if anyone is interested in booking the awesome, super fantastic Marc Armitage for a workshop at their site, please get in contact with me on 

And if you happen to have any tips about promoting people's tours and stuff, please fling them my way - I'd love to hear about how other people do this!

Hoorah for Marc Armitage, hoorah for Pop-Up Adventure Play and excitement for meeee!

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  1. Suzanna ... Just jump in, sit down, buckle up and HANG ON ... You are in for the time of your life. Marc is an absolute JOY to work with and you will learn SO much along the way. You'll be great ... ENJOY the ride!

    Donna :) :)


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