Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Three Things

I'm super excited for 3 very excellent reasons. Ready?

First thing: I'm going on an adventure to Ithaca to visit Rusty Keeler and the Anarchy Zone. It's an adventure playground in the US that has only been open for a few months. I'm very excited to see it, and see how different it is compared to the Wrexham Adventure Playgrounds and share my thoughts with all my playworker friends. So excited!

Image courtesy of Rusty :)

Second thing: The Keep Calm and Play On tour promotional stuff is going really well. It's such a wonderful challenge, and Marc Armitage is really good fun to work with. I've had emails from lots of lovely people and had a lot of fun making promotional materials with Marc's face on.

Final thing: Pop-Up Adventure Play UK are now officially a charity! Oh yes! It's taken months and months of paperwork and phone calls and more paperwork and then some more, but we've officially received our charity number and I'm SO excited!! What do we do with it now? Wait and see! :)

I'm sooo very excited about everything, especially with the charitable status stuff. And I'm going on an adventure. And I've got an exciting challenge in the form of Marc's tour. I love being a playworker, I love my job and I love Pop-Up Adventure Play! It doesn't get better than this :) HOORAH FOR EVERYTHING! :)

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