Saturday, 1 September 2012

Treasure Box :)

My lovely colleague and awesome friend Anna has two lovely little girls called Alex and Eliza. A few months ago I found out that little Eliza had to have surgery which meant that she had to have her little legs in casts for a whole month! Having been through surgery myself, I immediately knew that this month would be crazy for the whole family so I had a think about what I could do help.

Then I had a brain wave. And after making my brain wave, I had to wait until I was next in the US to send it to my lovely little friends. I finally got round to it last week, and a couple of days ago I was super super excited and happy to find that Alex and Eliza had received their post and loved it. They called it a Treasure Box. I think I might call it the Pop-Up Play Box - a postable, mailable loose parts box that is an easily portable, wonderfully magical, little surprise.

Anna was super excited about the box too and sent me a lovely long email that made me really happy, accompanied by a precious selection of photos showing me what Alex and Eliza got up to with the magic inside the box. Here they are:

Here's the box. Something tells me they got far too excited about opening it before they took this photo...! :) 

Here's Eliza and her fantastical casts showing us all the insides of the Play Box.

A snapshot of Eliza investigating the stuff inside the little boxes which were inside the bigger box!

Alex has glued some of the soft fabric from inside the Play Box onto her shirt. She was very pleased. :)

Anna found this creation of Alex's. The red wool was from the Play Box, and in the row of spoons and the one fork, there is one grape. Inside the pink spoon is a coin! :) This is pretty cool. I kinda want to use it as my facebook cover photo.

I wanted to make a little box of play cues that would be the ingredients and tools to other types of play. Made almost 100% from reused or reclaimed material (or whatever I could find in the recycling bin at the time). I love that the box did what I imagined it would. The girls were soooo taken to the box it was wonderful. I think that this fits in wonderfully with my work with Pop-Up Adventure Play in delivering everyday play to children in an everyday sorta way. What could be more every day than post? :) I kinda want to make more of these because they're awesome, but I'm not sure how to go about it. How would I make it cost effective? How could I reduce the amount of time it took to make and gather the materials? Would I be able to generate a small profit to make more? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

For now, I will come up with some cunning plans to make up some more, and to send them to more little children who need a little cheering up! :) Hoorah for little things for play, hoorah for the Pop-Up Play Box, and a huge get well soon to Eliza! :)

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