Sunday, 16 September 2012

Vegetables of the Fall

I went to a farmer's market today and really enjoyed the Autumn stuff that was up for grabs. Not only are there pumpkins everywhere, there was soooo many other fun fall things! There was lots to see, and the colours were fantastic. I have three things to share from it:

I found a tiny tiny pepper. It's made me just as happy as the giant pepper I once found.

There are pumpkins of every size and shape here. And of every colour!

I have a new favourite vegetable - indian corn! Look at the amazing colours! PURPLE CORN! And it only cost me 75c too! Woooo! So happy!

I'm beginning to see why everyone seems to like Autumn in the States now. It really is very pretty! :) Hoorah for Autumn in the US! :) 

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