Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wellies are for Puddles

On my trip to the Anarchy Zone a few days ago, I was able to share many playful moments with the children who turned up for the day. There was one in particular that was a little more wonderful.

The little boy in the yellow wellies was quiet, but he wasn't shy. No. He was thinking. He was thinking about the next thing he needed to do. He did some digging, and some throwing. He ran around a little bit and got involved with some of the more boisterous activities the older boys were doing. A Dad and his daughter were having a wander, talking and thinking, connecting their minds for a moment on a walk around a huge puddle next to the rainy play site. He ran towards them and for the next 15 minutes, the slushing of the yellow wellies were the only thing you could hear.

It got me thinking. I remember whenever I had wellies on when I was little, the only thing I wanted to do was find a good puddle. And this little boy found a good puddle. And he was in the company of a load of adults who were happy for him to explore it. 

Hoorah for playful moments, and hoorah for wellies and puddles! :)

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