Friday, 7 September 2012

Where the play thoughts are.

On my travels today I found a poster for play that rivals the other advert for play that I found in the UK.

This one is a lot simplier and almost more subtle, but there's a whimsical feel behind the poster. It's less aggressive than the Right to Play advert and provokes more thought. But you do have to look hard before you see the play element.

Okay, so really, this advert takes the well known Maurice Sendak and adds a playful twist to the fame. But I'd totally ride on the back of that. Play needs all the publicity it can get. Whether it's through films, cartoons, stories, teaching, parenting, politics, landscape gardening, we can share the need for play with anyone! I know that everyone can. It makes me happy that there's always some way which people can play. Even if they don't realise that that's what they're doing.

Hoorah for play! Woooo!

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