Sunday, 23 September 2012

Zan's Trip to Ithaca: Part 1

While I was in the States, I thought I'd take the opportunity to go to Ithaca, NY to visit some lovely people that have started a wonderful play-based project! I took my camera, as I do, and well, let's just say the photos got so out of hand that I probably should leave the play photos til tomorrow. So today, I'm going to write about the first half of my trip to Ithaca which involves the idyllic setting of Ithaca's very own, just-on-the-lake, pavillion based Farmer's Market.

This is me, reading on the way to Ithaca. A book about cupcakes, by the same lady that wrote the book about sweet shops :)

I walked through heavy rain to the market and was really grateful that it was under shelter and nice and cosy, complete with fairy lights!

The market stalls were well built and colourful, manned by friendly market traders.

There were sooo many curiosities and fun things to look at!

So much fruit and veg! :)

It stopped raining outside so I went to the water side to take a photo :)

A lady was wandering around with a selection of the most delightful looking balloons that she was giving out to toddlers in promotion of a baby store.

I had soba noodles and tempura vegetables for lunch :) It was lovely that they gave me the food in a real bowl and unquestioningly provided me with chopsticks!

And then the sun shone through and everything was instantly even more awesome.

The ferry tours that ran next to the Farmers Market looked really popular - how often do you have markets which have their own lake tour?:)

I liked the look of this organic clothing store - I spent a lot of time here looking at the designs and colours!

A friendy farmer gave me a peacock feather and told me his friend has a pet peacock and lets him have all the feathers - all of the beauty without any of the noise! Haha. He was a funny one :) I gave my feather to a little girl that was fascinated with the colours and asked me what it was. She was sooo happy when I offered it to her.

Here's a thoughtful man on the little jetty.

And, ladies and gentlemen, this is JJ. He really likes hummus, and in this photo is eyeing up corduroy as his next chew thing.

I really enjoyed spending time at the Ithaca Farmer's Market. It was fully of colour and thick with conversation and community. Everyone seemed to know eachother, and even when they didn't, they took the time to smile and nod. It was a wonderful atmosphere, it smelled delicious everywhere, and it was really well thought out too. I think I'd totally go back again and get a ferry tour! Oh, and hoorah for JJ who is awesome. No I didn't steal a baby from someone - JJ belongs to the people in tomorrow's post. But for today, hoorah for Ithaca's Farmers Market! :)

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