Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Choo choo....!

As I type this, I am sitting on an Amtrak train that's lazily snaking it's way from Boston MA, to Rochester NY. I've been here for about 5 hours now - only another 7 hours to go! I thought ahead and brought a whole series of one of my favourite BBC shows, Hustle, with me because, as I suspected, there is no wifi on the train!

Yesterday, I hung out with three lovely people who I've previously been on adventures with - Anna, David and Maayan. This time, I was on their turf in Boston and they showed me round a little bit. It was good to hear about their stories and what they had been up to and just to get to know them. I even visited a school! I've never been in an American school before - they're so big!

Chatting doesn't make well for good photos though, so I only have a couple to show you. I wish the sky was blue right now for photos, but the weird greyness is just making me slightly sleepy and contemplative. So here are the pics:

Look at that sky!

Fun shadow photo.

Anna in a paint smock

Maayan and me eating delicious cupcakes

A huge painted mural to make Boston more colourful.

And this is most definitely the laziest food thing I've ever seen - pre-boiled, pre-shelled eggs. Wow.

I had a lovely trip, and saw SO many people. I think I met up with a total of 10 people that I know on my 6 day trip, and I'm totally chuffed! So a special thank you must go to: Madelyn, Sharon, Krystina, Anna, Ken, Alex, Eliza, David, Janette and Maayan for making my trip so awesome. Oh, and a mention to Megan, Paige, Trish and Jason who are all new friends. Hoorah for adventures, and a yay for a lovely little trip! :)

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