Monday, 29 October 2012


As I sit here, watching Big Bang Theory in a house that's anticipating a power-cut, I'm musing over various ideas I've had since the wind picked up. Apparently I shouldn't learn to fly today. I also shouldn't fly a kite, go out to play ball or frisbee. Or wander around outside with a parachute. OoOoh, I probably shouldn't learn to use a crossbow, and climb a tree. Stupid halloween storm. I wanted to do all of those things today.

I did make a list of things that I could do to pass the time. Well, stuff I can do while I still have power.

Turns out, I really like drawing on the computer using Inkscape. It's a really smart program, and it's completely free which makes it doubly awesome. :) And it allows me to share the doodles I normally draw on paper. You like my Frankenstorm outfit doodle? Hehehehe! :)

Of course, the superstorm has put a dampener on my spy mission to take photos of people's halloween decorations. I might have collected a few snaps along the way. There's still time. Right now, it's time to ride the storm! 

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