Friday, 26 October 2012

Freebie Fridays - a spectacular hoard!

I'm so pleased with the amount of stuff I got this week! I was soooo pleased that I didn't even bother waiting for the Friday post to come and took the photo yesterday! Little things please little people like me. Well, and it also made my horrible cold a tiny bit less horrible. Here's the pic!

This week I got:
a greeting card and envelope
a leopard print makeup bag
a small thingy of moisturiser
a little roll-on deodeorant
a big bottle of root beer
5 pairs of shampoo/conditioner/hair care treatment from different companies
a sachet of body lotion
and a little thingy of face primer
Total = 12 items!

There's a magical twist this tale. I can't have possibly had so many items of post this week; some of this stuff came to me in a pack! What a surprise it was to receive a little box in the post that had:

All of the things with stars in the corner inside the leopard print pouch! Happy days!

I'm honestly a little worried about going back to the UK - what happens if I can't beat the amount of crazy freebies I can get over here in the US? My Freebie Friday hall of fame definitely looks awesome, be it stuff from the UK or the US. Well, I'm happy either way because there's more free stuff for me! Hoorah! :)

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