Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

I've been static for some time, doing lots of work and making lots of connections, but I'm off on an adventure tomorrow! I'm very excited because I'll be seeing lots of lovely people.

First, I will be travelling by plane to NYC where I will stay with Madelyn one of the most generous hosts that I know. I'll hang out with her for a few days with a visit from my friend and colleague, Sharon, and then I'm going to the Child in the City of Play Symposium! I'm excited about this event because a) I've never been to a symposium before, and b) because there are going to be some pretty awesome people there. After that, I think I'm going to be hanging out with Paige Johnson of Playscapes - a blog I've been following for ages!

Next, I will be getting a bus to Boston where I will be hanging out with another one of my friends and colleague, Anna and her family. I think we're going to something called a Pumpkinfest (which apparently doesn't involve many pumpkins) and just hanging out. After that, I think I'm eating with David Ramsey and family, who I recently took on adventure around Adventure Playgrounds in Wrexham. We're going to eat, plot and scheme, maybe visit a school and then I'm going to be left in the capable hands of my friend Maayan, who also came to the UK to visit play stuff. I escorted him to Wrexham too!

Finally I will be taking an 11 hour train back to Upstate New York. It astounds me that 11 hours on a train in the US only takes me across one State, but 11 hours of train in the UK takes me to a completely new country. Baffling.

So I'm eagerly awaiting an intense but very exciting adventure using multiple transportation modes! I'm almost packed, and will be blogging on the road. Stay tuned for excitement!

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