Sunday, 28 October 2012

Storm Tag

So every channel on TV is talking about a potentially crazy storm that we're about to have. Apparently a winter storm to the west of me and a hurricane to the west of me is about to do battle in the middle and give us a fun new phenomena - a superstorm!

I hadn't realised much was happening to be honest because I'd been hit by a weird cold and hibernated for a few days. And now I look out of the window and it's grey, but not really very exciting. So I'm not sure what the fuss is about.

Here's a pic that I obviously didn't take and have pinched from the Online Journal. Looks cool eh? I have no idea what's going on in it, but it's swirly!

I don't have a good track record with severe weather warnings, with me being stuck in Chicago because of snow, and being stuck in NY because of a hurricane. I'm glad I went to Boston and New York last week instead of this week, but I'm soooo sure that this superstorm will affect me somehow. Watch this space! :)

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