Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Two Pop-Up Projects

There's always something going on at Pop-Up Adventure Play, and I have the pleasure of telling you about the two projects we're working on. Brace yourself for utter awesomeness!

The Global Cardboard Challenge
By now, you must have seen the video on Caine's Arcade. It's a very moving video about a boy who had a play idea, was given the time and space to do it, and then was flashmobbed to success. Well, on the back of that one young boy, a whole foundation has been set up in support of him. And this foundation has declared the 6th October The Global Cardboard Challenge day! Woohooo!

The fun thing is that this celebration is very much like a Pop-Up Adventure Playground! And the awesome thing is that Pop-Up Adventure Play is working with a few different organisations around the world to have their very own Pop-Up for the Global Cardboard Challenge! I've been so excited I've completely lost track of where these places are, but I do know that we have stuff going on in Costa Rica, Egypt and Cairo! I can't even point these places out on a map! But it's SO exciting!

This is the poster for our Costa Rica contacts, Bellelli EducaciĆ³n - isn't it kind of awesome? Take a peek at the Pop-Up blog for more details :)

When I think back to the first time I worked with Pop-Up we were just 4 people coming together with the same goal, in the USA, but now we operate in the UK as a charity, and in loads of other countries as regular events! It seems to be kind of incredible. I'm truly thankful to God for that.

Keep Calm And Play On
I've posted on this before, but I will post about it all over again! We're taking Marc Armitage to the US and we're EXCITED! He's going to be touring the US East Coast stopping off in Washington DC, Philadelphia PA, New York NY and Boston MA. 

We're currently looking for people to host Marc during his tour. If you or anyone you know has space for training, and some time to promote, it would definitely worth getting in touch to bring Marc to your area to talk about his wealth of experience in the UK play scene. 

Check out our facebook page to get updated information about the tour, and if you have the time, please share with your network of friends and family! Tell everyone how awesome Marc is, find out how much play impact the lives of children and their families!

Hoorah for Pop-Up Adventure Play, the beginnings of our global network, and the worldwide spread of playwork awesomeness! :)

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