Saturday, 13 October 2012

You've Caught My Eye

I talk about the little things in life all the time, and recently there have been a few little things that have caught my eye and made me really quite happy.

This is an ice cream cupcake. It's not only a cupcake, but it's also filled with icecream. In fact, having extensively studied her during consumption, I can tell you that there's buttercream frosting, sweet cream ice cream, chocolate fudge filling and red velvet cake encased in a chocolate casing. IT WAS DELICIOUS!

This is a photo of a window in a building that looks like it's seen better days. It caught my eye because it was the only pane in the whole building that had this pattern, and it was a genuinely fascinating design. SO PRETTY!

I've always wanted to see a real sousaphone and here it is. It was part of a marching band! IT WAS SO COOL!

And finally, another photo of the multicoloured chickens. I went to visit them again because they were so awesome. I managed to herd them all together this time so you can see the rainbow of colours! I WANT ONE!

So there you go. Things that make me happy. It doesn't take much! :) Hoorah! :)

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