Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Day in the Dales

I met up with my friend Andy today to wander around the villages in the bit between Lancashire and Yorkshire. We had fun just exploring and poking around the tiny little buildings, and buying stuff antiques centres, charity shops and flea markets!

I would like this bunny please. Look how cute it is! Eeee!

We kept seeing these crocodiles today. Apparently they're for fire embers!

The day started off super rainy so I'm really glad that it dried up a bit. Look at this view. So pretty!

I've talked about antiquing before, but I don't think I've openly admitted it - I love looking at bits of history, and just poking around the curiosities that antiquity shops have to offer: I love antiquing! I've found a buddy that loves doing that too, so watch out for more antiques posts! Hoorah! :)


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    1. The bunny makes me so happy. I'm going to have to buy one. I'll keep and eye our for Loveday Antiques! Thanks for reading! :)


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