Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Evening in Manchester

Morgan and I had a little trip out to Manchester today. Here are some fun photos of our day.

We went to Afflecks Palace and saw some cardboard box portraiture.

Look! A squishy purple mushroom!

We visited the Royal Exchange Theatre. It used to be a building for the stock exchange!

We had a hot drink at the Manchester Christmas Markets.

And we said hello to the weird Santa at the Town Hall.

We had a lovely evening out today, full of fun and food samples. There was a lot to see, do and try which is always good. Makes it all interactive and more cosy. It was a bit cold outside but it was really nice to have a wander around the markets. Kinda makes everything feel really Christmassy and nice. I love the Christmas Markets and I guess it's not too long before they disappear again so I'd better go a few more times. I'm excited. :)

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