Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Every Day Should End With Cake

I've been busy. Not the type of busy where you are completely swept off your feet, and the tasks you are faced force you to dance on the on the edge of crazy. No, not that kind of busy. I've been the kind of busy where you feel successful at the end of each day, ticking off all those lovely little tasks off the big long list. So since I accomplished so many things, I decided to reward myself today by baking some little vanilla cakes with a hint of lemon.

Oh yes, nom nom nom, all for me! Hahaha.

As I tucked into my lovely little cake (I only ate one, I promise), I reflected on the fact that I will never be a slim girl. A little like my playwork mentor, Fraser Brown, my cryptonite will always be cake. Then I think again about Frank, my missing gall bladder, and am grateful that he had to go away. He didn't like cake very much,  and that's quite problematic for me because I love cake. I had to sacrifice Frank so that I could eat cake. True story. Kinda. Hahaha.

Anyway, hoorah for cake, and I guess we'd better say hoorah for Frank!

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