Friday, 16 November 2012

Freebie Friday - What a UK Welcome!

On arriving back in the UK I really did expect to see a load of random freebies in my post cubby (yes, we have a filing system at home for our post) but instead I was greeted with a postal bomb site! No organisation, nothing, just post of all shapes and sizes randomly dumped in the general area of the postal cupboard. It took me an hour to work through it all and when I eventually emerged from the piles of paper, this is what I got:

We have:
a bright purple paint sample
a COD BOPS 2 patch
a thingy of foundation
a packet of nice smelling tissues
a tube of men's moisturiser
two herbal teabags 
AND (the pièce de résistance)

I'm SUPER excited! There isn't a lot, but it's cool and I'm super super happy. HOORAH FOR BEING BACK IN THE UK AND GETTING UK FREEBIES!

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