Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Game, Games and Being at Home

A combination of jetlag, housework and lack of interesting things to say has kept me off the blog for a few days. I've come home to an empty house and have had to a) make it warm, b) buy much groceries, c) work out where everything was. Then I started back at my old work and did 3 shifts in two days! This is what I was faced with for one of my shifts:

Oh yes, game release day. Or night, I suppose. I was there and I was excited!

And to be honest, I've not really done much else. I like the quiet, do-it-my-own-way thing I have going on at the moment. My lovely friend and colleague As I type, my lovely friend and colleague Morgan is travelling up to visit for a week so I bet there will be some interesting photos going up in the next couple of days. :) 

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