Saturday, 17 November 2012

Giving Thanks with MLS

Thanksgiving is a few days away and my friend Morgan, who is half American, won't be able to celebrate it this year because she's super busy and travel-ly! So what we decided to do was to celebrate today! This is what we did:

We made fish pie, and had a side of pomegranate salad.

We baked a loaf of Zanbread!

We set off a sky lantern with all our wishes on them!

We made mini apple pies!

And... we studied the inner workings of the pomegranate!

We also had a wander around a market and bought some bargain chicken, had some excellent butties, bought some traditional sweeties, watched videos of button quails and giant bunnies... OH and ate lots and lots of food! :)

I had a lovely lovely day. It was nice to be off work and spend time with people I like. It was also cool to have thanksgiving, albeit not the traditional way. I have a lot to give thanks for this year, and it was nice to dwell on it briefly today in good company. My home is literally and figuratively warmer with Morgan here. :) I truly truly give thanks for friends, family and food! :)

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