Monday, 19 November 2012

Meeting Up with Playworkers

It's not often that Morgan and I get to spend a week together, but it's also not so common to see a group of playworkers just kinda hanging out. Today, us two Pop-Up Adventure Play peeps trundled up to Yorkshire to go and visit a couple of our playworker friends for a bit of fun.

First we met up with Marc Armitage. We're helping him organise his Keep Calm and Play On tour and thought we'd better meet up for a brew and meatballs! After lots of discussions, we also thought we'd do a little filming to make a little video of Marc. Without giving too much away before the production of the video, here are a couple of hilarious moments:

What could Marc be doing?


Time with Marc was fun - there were trampolines involved, silliness shared, and at one point we even had a short battle. Video to be released soon!

Next, Morgan and I spent some time with my lovely friend Andy. I have raved about Morgan to Andy and Andy to Morgan for a long long time, so it was about time we all got together and had us some chicken! It was a lovely evening out with lots of fun chatter. I was so happy to be hanging out with such lovely people all evening that I did a little dance. I miss America, but now that I'm back in the UK I realise that I really missed Morgan and Andy whilst I was away. It's nice to be back in their company and be able to physically hang out. 

And of course while we were together, we had some time to make some plans to take over the world... but more on that another day. Today was just play!

Hoorah for playworkers, and hoorah for friends! :)

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  1. Clearly, playworkers are the best people in the world.


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