Sunday, 2 December 2012

3 Happy Things

Today was a mixed bag of crazy. I woke up at 5:30am to pick my parents up from the airport, only to discover (after waiting around for an hour) that they had missed their flight and I had to go and get them later on. So I moped (the mood, not the scooter) back home. When I eventually picked them up, the day made a turn for the better. For one thing, someone cooked for me (which I love) and for another, the house is now warm. Our house is only happy when 3 or more people are in it. So strange. Those are happy things, but they're not the happy things I want to tell you about. Get counting on your fingers:

1) I put up my Christmas tree!
To surprise my mum and dad, I thought I'd put up the Christmas decorations before they got home. And they were impressed! I made a neat and tidy job of it, and on top of that we have classy and shiney: I went for purple and silver. It's a good combo! :) I love Christmas! :) And my tree is awesome. :)

This moody photo shows my favourite bauble this year. It's like a bubble! :)

2) I made Christmas present labels!
Alright, so most people aren't very excited about this, but I totally am. I had a bit of a think, took inspiration from various places and then got down to business and drew these:

These aren't to size, or at least the bottom right two aren't. I think they're pretty cool :) And effective! :)

3) We have 1000+ likes on Facebook
You know Pop-Up Adventure Play? My organisation and charity? Well, it's facebook page has just hit the big 1-0-0-0! There are 1000 people out there who "like" our organisation. That means 1000 people out there know about us. That's quite a lot of people really. I don't think I know a thousand people. Wow. I'm so chuffed, you don't understand. I made a little logo for it:

Click on the pic to get to the facebook page! :)

It's been a strange but good day and I'm going to spend the rest of it just chilling out. And maybe just dwell on the happy things for another brief moment or two. Or three :) Hoorah for happy! :)

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  1. "So I moped (the mood, not the scooter)"

    :) Not at the fact you felt like moping, just your sentence.


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