Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Day of Two Christmasses

What better way than spend a day off than with two groups of my favourite people doing two different Christmasses!?

Christmas Number 1

My college friends and I get together at Christmas every year and it's really very cool. I think I've known then for about 10 years now. They come home from far and wide every Christmas and we meet up. Last year, I remember us going to play pool. This year, we had Christmas afternoon tea :)

Lee and J contemplating something.

My gift from secret santa!

All sensible and ready for our group photo.

And here we pose in casual conversation.

It was wonderful to see my college friends today. We ate, we laughed, and had fun like we always do. They are awesome as usual, and we even got to speak to Jenny! Hoorah! :)

Christmas Number 2

A group of friends that my siblings and I have known for many many many years got together today and did some crazy eating, and epic pass the parcelling!

Yay, 2 second group photo awesomeness!

Yay, epic forfeits during pass the parcel!

Yay, llama!

Bah - compulsory Christmas Monopoly.

It was really good to see everyone today. And to eat epically. And to play crazy games, and watch weird films. It's good to know everyone's alive and well and they still want to come and see meeee! :) Yay! :)

I've had a lovely day with lots of lovely people, and although I am absolutely shattered, it was completely worth it! :) I'm fuzzy happy on the inside and am chuffed to bits to know such lovely people. Hoorah for friends and family, and hoorah for Christmasses! :)

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