Monday, 10 December 2012

A Moment of Nostalgia

A fun and lesser known fact about me is that I have a Chemistry degree. Yes, many moons ago, I really wanted to be a Chemistry teacher so applied myself to Chemistry at degree level. Soon after starting, I realised I was so bad at anything to do with Chemistry, so I knew I wouldn't be taking it further than I had to.

Today, I fondly recalled my Chemistry days as I wandered around my old university. I was meant to be meeting a friend who was getting his PhD today (first one of a good crop of Doctors that I will be not doubt mentioning in the future), but sadly, due to work commitments, never saw him in his floppy hat. I did however spend some time at the university, marveling at the beauty of the day, and my surroundings:

Hello old university! :)

Hello cool looking lamp thing.

I remember going up there once. To do a wedding I believe. It was pretty cool.

Trees and blue skies.

It was a real shame that I didn't see Ricky today. I am totally proud of him for being the first of my friends to get a PhD. Go Doctor Ricky! We shall have to discuss the day over meatballs. Again. :)

Nostalgia struck me as I wandered around. I miss the days where uni work was the only thing to trouble me. Maybe they're rose-tinted memories, but they were fun. And mostly revolved around playing pool. Now, there's money problems, and careers, relationships and family. Much responsibility and very little time. Whilst wandering around in the cold, I had a little time to reflect on my (very hard, very serious) first degree, and appreciate all the more my second, more awesome degree - Playwork. I love being a playworker, and I want to learn and see much more to do with play and playwork. I'm excited too. Maybe one day, I too will be wearing a floppy hat! :)

Hoorah for Ricky, and hoorah for reflective thoughts! :)

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